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Hottah Lake
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The next day, the group made it to Hottah Lake after a short portage and a few hours of paddling. "We're here!" said Nora. "This is where we get picked up!"
"He?e" replied Etseh. "Now we need to go to that island so we can radio the plane and tell them exactly where we are. We'll see if they can come tomorrow."
"Sounds good," said John. "It's so hot today, it'll be nice to just hang around camp. We can do some swimming and fishing!"
They arrived at the island around noon, set up camp and strung the radio antenna along a high rocky hill. The three grandchildren set off to enjoy a swim in the lake.
"Make sure you check the water before you jump in. There could be sharp rocks!" warned Etsi.
"Don't worry," called John. "The water's so cold we won't be in for long!" While Etsi watched the grandchildren, Etseh climbed the hill to use the radio.
A short while later, he was back, radio in hand. "The plane will be here at 1:00 tomorrow," Etseh told his wife.
Everyone spent the rest of that afternoon fishing and exploring the rocky island.

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada