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How to use this site:

There are two ways you can travel the Idaa Trail:

Browse photos, video and audio as you explore the historical and cultural significance of eight sites on the Idaa Trail. To begin, click “Start Your Journey” or choose a site on the left side of the screen from the Idaa Trail home page.


Travel the Idaa Trail with a Dogrib family in our illustrated online storybook. This part of the site includes activities and games,and is intended for younger visitors. o begin, click the “Hey Kids” button from the Idaa Trail home page.

How to navigate through this site:

When "Start Your Journey" is clicked on the Idaa Trail home page, Bea Lake is the first site visited. You can jump to any other site by using the trail navigation bar on the left side of the screen.

Each site on the trail is divided into sections. The Section Headings appear in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. The section you are in will be highlighted in the top navigation bar.

To proceed through each site, use the “Back” and “Next” arrows located below the top navigation bar. This will take you through every page on that site, and from section to section. At the end of a site, the “Next” arrow will take you to the next site. The numbers beside the arrows (1 of 3, for example) indicate which page you are on within a section.

You can return to the Lessons from the Land home page by clicking “Lessons from the Land” in the top left hand corner of the screen, or to the Idaa Trail language selection page by clicking "Idaa Trail."

Language and Font Issues:

The Dogrib language part of the Idaa Trail uses the WinMac Dene font. The WinMac Dene font must be installed on your computer to properly view the text. The font can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

If you experience any problems with the web site, please contact the webmaster pwnhc@gov.nt.ca.

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