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Fence Narrows
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What are you looking at Etseh?" asked John as he scrambled out of his tent the next morning. Etseh was walking along the sand at the edge of a clearing behind the tents. "Sah k'e."
"Bear tracks?" asked John.
"He?e," said Etseh. "Looks like we had a visitor last night. He didn't bother anything."
John bent down to take a closer look at the tracks before heading back to camp. He had never seen such big feet! "I'm glad we're moving camp today," he thought.
"We only have a few days left before we get picked up at Hottah Lake," Etseh told the cousins as they enjoyed a breakfast of dry fish, tea and bannock.
"Can't we keep going?" asked John. "We could use the radio and tell the plane to come next week instead."
"I thought you really wanted some chips and another chocolate bar!" laughed Etsi.
"I know. But not now. I feel great!" announced John. "All this meat and fish is tasting pretty good."
After breakfast they took down the antenna for the bush radio and broke camp. John felt a few drops of rain on his brow. "Oh oh," he thought. "Better put on my rain jacket."
They paddled during the morning rain showers and by mid-day the sun peeked through the clouds. "Today we'll camp by Kweikaa or 'Fence Narrows'," said Etseh. "Let's pull into shore over there," he pointed with his paddle.

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada