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Blood Rock
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The loud noise of two shots made John jump out of his sleeping bag. They sounded close! "Only yesterday, at Madelaine's grave, Etseh asked for a moose. There's no way..." thought John.
He grabbed his hat, pulled on his socks and shoes and quickly unzipped the tent. He almost bumped into Peter who was already outside the tent.
"Where's Etseh?" John asked.
"The shots came from over there," said Peter. "Let's go!"
They found Etseh at the edge of a grassy swamp. He was busy with his hunting knife, bending over the large, dark brown shape of a moose.
"Wow! It's huge!" said John, almost whispering. "Madelaine must be happy we visited her. You got what you asked for Etseh!"
"He?e." said Etseh. "Now the work begins. Go back to camp, tell the others and bring some knives with you."
When they returned, John noticed two moose ears stuck on top of a tall willow bush.
"What did you do that for?" he asked Etseh.
"We always do that. Its good luck for hunting. That way the moose won't hear the hunter next time," explained Etseh. "We also make sure we thank the moose for giving itself for food."

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada