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Komoola Portage
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The wind blew for two more days. On the third day it was quiet. The grandparents sat by the fire sipping cold tea and listening to the bush radio. Voices from Gameti, Wha Ti and Kugluktuk could be heard laughing and chatting. Muffled snores came from the grandchildren's tent.
"We have a long paddle across the lake today. I'm glad the wind has died down," said Etsi.
"He?e. We'll be passing by Gameti too," replied Etseh. "At the end of that lake is the portage at Komoola. It'll be a long day so we should get going." Etsi agreed and got up to wake the grandchildren.
They enjoyed a breakfast of oatmeal, dry fish and tea, and then loaded the two canoes. Before getting in, Etseh asked each grandchild to take two thin branches from a birch tree and twist them together in a circle. "This will be our offering today," Etseh explained as they placed them gently in the water. "We want to have a safe crossing of this big lake. Masi" prayed Etseh.

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada