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Village beside Nidzii
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Early on the fifth morning, Etseh nudged Peter from his sleeping bag and whispered, "Come and help me set the fish net." They went down to the canoe without waking the others and set off to put the net in the water. Before pushing off from shore, Etseh made a quiet offering to the lake. "I will be thankful for some fresh fish!" he prayed and carefully laid a cranberry bush branch in the water.
It didn't take long to set the net and within the hour the two were paddling back to camp. As they got closer, Etseh spotted John struggling to start the fire. He chuckled quietly to himself as they brought the canoe up on shore.

"I've watched Etseh make a fire every day!" thought John in frustration. "How come this one won't light?"
He was about to quit when Etseh walked over with an armful of dry spruce twigs. Without a word, he lifted the big pieces of wood that John had been fussing over and placed the dry twigs underneath them. "Now try." In a few minutes the teapot was bubbling over a blazing fire.


Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada