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Welcome to Blood Rock

Kwe?ehdoň , which means 'blood rock,' is a sacred site said to be the birthplace of Yamozhah , the legendary Dogrib hero. Characterized by a large bedrock hill that rises some 320 metres above the surrounding countryside,
Kwe?ehdoň was also used by the Dogrib as a quarry, from which they collected the raw stone material needed to make tools.

A Dogrib Account of Kwe?ehdoň:
"That mountain called
Kwe?ehdoň is where Yamozhah started off. That mountain is a man, an old man. It can predict your future for you. If you throw a rock into the water in the crack, it will make a noise again, and again, and again. That means you will live a long time. But if you throw a rock and it doesn't make a noise, then that means you will not live very long..."
Jean Wetrade, February 28, 1992

View from the top of Blood Rock (Tom Andrews/PWNHC)
Blood Rock (Tom Andrews/PWNHC)
Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada