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Welcome to Komoola

Komo˛la is the site of a portage (hote , in Dogrib) near the midpoint of the Idaa Trail. Portages are overland routes found along waterways, which are used by travellers to bypass rapids or waterfalls. Portages are an important part of travel in the Dogrib region and travellers can encounter as many as 100 of them on a long journey. Some portages run several kilometres in length. Knowing how to recognize and navigate portages is a crucial skill in the region. While portages are usually difficult to travel, they also give the opportunity to stop and make camp, where travellers can rest and share stories.

Portages also have dangerous aspects. Some portages trace the edges of cliffs and rapids. Knowledge of how to balance and carry a pack is critical to the traveller's safety.

The beginning of a portage on the Idaa Trail (Tom Andrews/PWNHC)
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Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada