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Blood Rock
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Kw t' tasi hohe

Kw t' t'asi hl t' ed whaehd kk' g le si wek'hodz ht'e. K'ikw' wh nd ts' naee, kw lani le. Kw g t'asi dne eyi nade wek'hodz ht'e.

Dne t'akw wha kw t' eghlagda le: kwt t' ew hagehdze le, kw mbeh t' mb nget'a le, gokw t' ts'i nagehka le, eyits' kw k'kw t' ngez le.

Kw t' eghlagda g, dne t'akw wha edani nd k' nade le si, wek'hodz ht'e. Nts'ez, mb nts'et', goht' hohe eyits' nhba hohe, t'asi haz wet'a si kw t' weghlagda ht'e.

Prince of Wales Whaehd Godi K, Smbak', Edzan, Canada