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Komoola Portage
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Kmla Hote

Kmla hote (Tch k', hote) daa whaed tl na k', tani whe ht'e. daa el tl k', deh eyits' dehtsoa g, dne hote k' nagede le. Tch nk' hote t' dne k'ede le t' si wet'a le, hote 100 g ht'e. Hote wehda nke ech na ht'e. Ed hote g eyits' ed gots' na nez wek'ts'ez si wet'a ht'e. Hote wehda dezh, eyit' hote g dne eex hagogehk' eyits' nahogez le.

Hote wehda wets'hodz ht'e. Hote wehda kwk eyits' dehtsoa weba na, eyit' dne nez x k'egege k'gez ha si wet'a le.

Necha ade gha wek'ech
Prince of Wales Whaehd Godi K, Smbak', Edzan, Canada