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Fence Narrows
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To Learn More...

To learn more about caribou or caribou skin lodges, consult these resources:

Web sites:
Government of the Northwest Territories' Wildlife and Fisheries web site:

The Caribou Skin Lodge Project:

Hall, Ed, ed. People & Caribou in the Northwest Territories. Yellowknife, NWT: Department of Renewable Resources, Government of the Northwest Territories, 1989.
Download the entire article "Traditional Use," by Charles Arnold (13 pages) in Adobe PDF format

Thompson, Judy. From the Land, Two Hundred Years of Dene Clothing. Hull: Canadian Museum of Civilization, 1998.

Videos: The Dogrib Caribou Skin Lodge, produced by the Dogrib Community Services Board, 2001.

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada